Glimpsing Niger

Camel races, abject poverty and satchels full of grace... Holly Morris and crew suss out life in Niger's Sahara.

Argentine Wildgirls: La Fulana

Journalists Amanda Scioscia and Angela Jimenez spend some time at a Buenos Aires refuge for mujeres que aman a mujeres.

Cuba: Back Ways

The streets of Santiago de Cuba are full of life, music, and joy, as well as poverty and sadness. Wandering about, photographer Claire Garoutte found in Santiago de Cuba's filtered light and passionate faces some of the inner emotions of the city.

Musica Cuba

An audio portrait of a Cuban musician named Beny, who left an indelible impression on photographer Joanne Petrina. (Audio requires Quicktime).

Sky Prancer

"Sky Prancer" has traveled the globe, serving as muse and compass to the Divas crew and goodwill ambassador to children of many different nationalities.

Tuareg Salt Caravan

Blistered feet. Pissy camels. Small toll for witnessing the nomadic magic of Niger's salt caravans. A glutton for "experience," Holly Morris keeps step with the blue men of the desert.

India: Sweating It Out

Photographer Rachel Pfotenhauer makes her way into some of India's factories to confront the realities of child labor.

Life in Djibelor

A robust new generation brings promise to a Senegalese village for people with leprosy. Photographer Rebecca Zimmer takes you there.

¡a la Minga!

On her South American sojourn, Angela Jimenez visits Centro de Promocion Integral de la Mujer (CEPIM — Promotional Center for Women) in Ecuador.

Cuba: Our Sisters to the South

Travel with photographer Angela Jimenez as she searches behind the veil of mystery that surrounds Cuba for the everyday lives of women there.


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