New Zealand
Recommended Reading
Huia Short Stories 5: Contemporary Maori Fiction by Renee, Keri Hulme and Scott Morrison (editors)

Just what you’d expect. A selection of the best contemporary Maori Fiction

Some Other Country: New Zealand’s Best Short Stories by Bill Manhire and Marion McLeod (editors)

A collection of stories from the body of New Zealand writing that began with the work of Katherine Mansfield. It includes recent work by Vincent O’Sullivan, Owen Marshall and Keri Hulme and stories by newer writers such as Barbara Anderson, John Cranna and Emily Perkins, alongside well-known stories by Joy Cowley, C. K. Stead and James Courage. 

Jane Campion’s The Piano by Jane Campion (author) and Harriet Margolis (editor)

This volume examines the film from a variety of critical perspectives. In six essays an international team of scholars examine topics such as the controversial representation of the Maori, the use of music in the film, the portrayal of the mother-daughter relationship, and the significance of the film in terms of international cinema, the culture of New Zealand and the work of Jane Campion.

Straying from the Flock: Travels in New Zealand by Alexander Elder

An intimate and personal account of one passionate traveler’s visit to this incredible country, its mountains and beaches, fjords, rainforests, vineyards and hidden eateries. Each of the fifty chapters describes one day in his travels.

Once Were Warriors by Alan Duff

Alcoholism and domestic violence torment a family struggling to survive in an urban area south of Auckland.

Katherine Mansfield: New Zealand Stories by Katherine Mansfield and Vincent O’Sullivan

This is the first time the stories set in her own country have been brought together and published in the order in which she wrote them. The Mansfield that emerges from this fresh perspective is both familiar and unexpected.

Angel at My Table by Janet Frame

The second volume of Janet Frame’s autobiography traces her development as a writer.

Lonely Planet New Zealand by Paul Smitz, et al

Covers all the basics.

Counting for Nothing: What Men Value and What Women are Worth by Marilyn Waring

This feminist classic by Diva Marilyn Waring points out the shortcomings of ignoring women’s unpaid work in economic tallies. Originally titled If Women Counted, Waring later produced a documentary on the same topic, Counting for Nothing. The second edition of the book contains a preface by Gloria Steinem.

The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield

Short stories by one of New Zealand’s early literary divas capturing the foibles and disappointments of life among the garden party set.

Films & Documentaries
Velvet Dreams by Sima Urale

A documentary about the sensual velvet renderings of Polynesian women told through the eyes of a man who becomes obsessed with a woman featured in a painting.

O Tamaiti (The Children) by Sima Urale

The story of a Samoan boy charged with caring for his younger brothers and sisters.

Heavenly Creatures by Peter Jackson

Based on a true story from the 1950s of an intense friendship between two teenaged girls that leads to the murder of one of their mothers.

Ruby and Rata by Gaylene Preston

A comedy about an elderly Pakeha woman and the Maori single mother who moves in next door.

Perfect Strangers by Gaylene Preston

A desert island thriller/romance with big name stars is director Gaylene Preston’s most widely released film to date.

Mr. Wrong by Gaylene Preston

A nervy mystery about a young, freedom loving gal and her new Jag…

War Stories Our Mothers Never Told Us by Gaylene Preston

Seven women talk about their lives and loves during WWII.

Crush by Alison Maclean

A near-fatal car accident…the passions and perfidies of friendship…

Kai Purakau by Gaylene Preston

A profile of the elusive author and Adventure Diva Keri Hulme by a kindred Kiwi Diva.

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