C O R E  D U D S
long pants (nylon fabric is durable, lightweight and quick-drying)
walking shorts (keep 'em on the longer side)
two lightweight short-sleeved shirts (no cotton — it'll never dry)
two bras: regular, sports (breathable moisture-wicking material)
dark (dirt-defying) long skirt (to hike in and for downtime at the village)
four pair underwear
poly pro long underwear
fleece pullover
parka/ski jacket (big enough to fit over fleece/sweater)
winter hat (fleece or wool to retain body heat)
gloves/thin liners
scarf/neck gaiter
three-four pair hiking socks (no cotton - don't scrimp on quality; your entire trip is on foot)
water sealed hiking boots
lightweight rain poncho
T A K I N G  C A R E
eyeglasses/contacts (& prescrip., case, solution) sunglasses
sun block (15+) and lip balm
prescription drugs in labeled plastic bottles & generic names, copies of your prescriptions
vitamins if needed (these make good gifts too)
aspirin (general pain), ibuprofen (cramps)
toilet paper
biodegradable anti-bacterial soap or wipes
lomotil or other anti-diarrhea drug
contraceptive of choice/ condoms
small tube anti-biotic/analgesic ointment
moleskin, bandages, tweezers
small washcloth, towel
health insurance info
insect repellent
M I S C .  E S S E N T I A L S
combination locks for luggage
small flashlight or headlamp and extra batteries
Swiss army knife or Leatherman
lots o' small/medium ziplocks
water bottle
watch/tiny alarm clock
address book/Palm Pilot/single sheet of important addresses
airline/other tix
ATM card
drivers license or other ID
calling card
security wallet to wear under clothing
pens, notebook
photocopies of passport, credit & phone cards, plane tix (leave a copy at home too)
sleeping bag rated to 10 degrees F
rainfly for your pack
S O U L   G O O D S
camera & extra film, batteries
pictures of your homeys (bring copies only)
small charm/toy/talisman
N I C E  T O  H A V E
sleeping pad (optional, but really helpful)
earplugs (those yaks can really make a racket!)
trekking poles (also optional, but really helpful)
carabiner (great for hanging wet/dirty stuff off your pack)
candy stash for energy burst on the trails or to give as gifts

Packing List: Nepal

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