C O R E  D U D S
trousers (consider cargo w/handy pockets)
two lightweight short sleeve shirts/tank tops
two bras: regular, sports (breathable moisture-wicking material)
lightweight long sleeve shirt
four pair underwear
hat or visor
dark (dirt-defying) skirt
socks (take old pairs and throw them away)
walking shoes or boots
T A K I N G  C A R E
(& prescrip., case, solution)
sun block (15+) and lip balm
prescription drugs in labeled plastic bottles & generic names, copies of your prescriptions
vitamins if needed
aspirin (general pain), ibuprofen (cramps)
toilet paper
biodegradable anti-bacterial soap or wipes
lomotil or other anti-diarrhea drug
contraceptive of choice/ condoms
small tube anti-biotic/analgesic ointment
moleskin, bandages, tweezers
small washcloth, towel
health insurance info
small bottle detergent/packet of powder
insect repellent
M I S C .  E S S E N T I A L S
combination locks for luggage
small flashlight or headlamp and extra batteries
Swiss army knife or Leatherman
lots o' small/medium ziplocks
water bottle
watch/tiny alarm clock
address book/Palm Pilot/single sheet of important addresses
airline/other tix
ATM card
drivers license or other ID
calling card
security wallet to wear under clothing
pens, notebook
photocopies of passport, credit & phone cards, plane tix (leave a copy at home too)
S O U L   G O O D S
camera & extra film, batteries
pictures of your homeys (bring copies only)
small charm/toy/talisman
N I C E  T O  H A V E
inflatable travel pillow
sewing kit
carabiner (great for hanging wet/dirty stuff off your pack)

Packing List: Greece

what to bring

Comfy and versatile summer clothes are the way to get the most out of the island pace — one that encourages just hanging out. One of the favorite past-times for tourists and locals alike is lingering in harborside cafés, talking, simply being… This place is the land of sandals and foot freedom! Teva-esque sandals handle most anything, but boots and socks are nice for rocky hikes like the stunning Samaria Gorge.


• Leave your rainbazaar at home. In Crete, they get something like 320 days of sunshine. And if it does rain, just get wet! It’ll be warm and wonderful.

• A skirt is key for monestary visits —
and dancing on hot
summer nights.

• Insect repellent is a must-bring from home if you like the natural stuff like citronella, though some hotels/hostels have wonderfully-made mosquito nets that canopy the bed.
That’s when the bastards get you — when you’re sleeping.

Suggested Reading:

Rough Guide Crete
by John Fisher, et al
A decent mix of history and useful travel information (tho’ targeting a slightly
older audience).
Lonely Planet Greece
by David Willett, et al
Good for all the usual stuff and the best all around, plus it’ll give you an overview of the mainland and other islands.

Zorba the Greek
by Nikos Kazantzakis
Check out both the book and movie. Though a bit cliché, the novel and film offer insight into the Greek way of life and glimpses of some tucked-away Cretan treasures.


Greek phrase book/dictionary

Good Will Gifts:

boxed chocolates, alcohol, Zippo lighters

P.S.: If you’ve got to bring personal appliances, remember they use 220-volt AC in Crete.


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