Here’s how to pack light. Real light. So you can move fast ‘n easy. Check out our stash of custom lists for the adventures at hand:

Tropical Twist

avoiding those overburdened Heart of Darkness moments…

Alpine Adventure

trekking in cool climes

Riding the Rails

a European excursion

Meanwhile, a few packing mantras:

  1. Shed as you go: Bring old clothes you can leave behind, or t-shirts you can trade.
  2. Come bearing gifts: Take a small item or two for friends you meet along the way. Nothing fancy — tokens like postcards, soap and vitamins are gratefully received in many parts.
  3. Duct tape rules: Use it for everything from repairing a hole in your pack to fending off blisters. Wrap a bit around the bottom of your water bottle for easy transport.
  4. Hone your packing list: It’s some kind of cosmic road rule that you’ll forget something essential. After each trip, cross off the junk you didn’t need and add the one thing you wish you had.
  5. Bring photos of your homeys/post cards of home: People like to see the people and places you come from.
  6. BYO Gyno Items: Take along your fave condoms, tampons and the like — they can be tough or $$$ to pick up on the road.
  7. Rinse ‘n Go: With a little detergent, your select duds can go a long way.
  8. Copy Key Docs: Stash photocopies of your passport, credit card, phone card and other essentials — at home and in your bag.
  9. Be aware of how the people in the country you’re visiting might perceive you: i.e. no matter what kinda hardcore feminist you are, in Pakistan, you cover up these days.
  10. Do Your Own Special Thang: Tuck in a talisman, a sketchpad, a recorder — a little something that allows you to be part of the place/connect in your own way.

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