NZ: Stroppy Shielas & Mana Wahines
Lucy Woodworth, Flying Spot

new zealand

Hauling a caravan behind a ‘67 Valiant, the Divas crew does New Zealand. Holly’s welcomed into the home of famed pop singer Hinewehi Mohi and into the offices Prime Minister Helen Clark. Documentarian Gaylene Preston and Holly dish on Thelma and Louise and the risks involved in filmmaking — and life. A chance encounter with some “Land Girls” results in tea, cakes and hilarity amid the hay bales. Then Holly heads south to meet her favorite writer, the reclusive Keri Hulme, author of the Booker Prize-winning novel The Bone People. The writer shuns the telephone, so Holly resorts to faxing. As adventures accrue, Holly ditches the struggling Valiant for a motorcycle to cross New Zealand’s alps to the South Island’s remote west coast to meet her elusive literary heroine.

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