Iran Route
Lucy Woodworth, Flying Spot


The diva posse reaches top veil-ocity in the Islamic Republic of Iran. They grapple with the conundrums of theocracy and take in Iran’s obsession with poetry — all the while chasing divas in and out of the myriad public and private sectors that seem to define their lives. Shahla Sherkat publishes a feminist mag despite a prison sentence for ‘anti-Islamic behavior’ hanging over her head; Zahra Rahnavard advises reformist President Khatami when she’s not running a university; Pooran Farrokhzad continues the work of her poet-icon-rebel sister who died young in a car accident; taxi magnate Zahra Moussavi likes to “drive fast and take ladies where they want to go”; filmmaker Tahmineh Milani rocks Iran’s burgeoning film industry by taking home the Islamic Republic’s equivalent of the Academy Award; and 70-something Mokarrameh Ghanbari paints her passion.

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