India: Holy Cow
Lucy Woodworth, Flying Spot


Taking on India is like plunging into a cauldron of spirituality — really good goop, but you could drown if you’re not careful. Adventure Divas wades through the land of deities and meets some ladies who revel in their country’s spiritual fabric and ethic of giving back. Journalist-turned-activist Ruchira Gupta, muckraker redefined, leads the crew through Mumbai’s red light district and around the flesh trade; humanitarian maven Alice Garg tackles poverty when she’s not collecting seashells in the desert; Delhi police chief Kiran Bedi pulls the rug out from under corruption; Ela Bhatt quietly incites economic revolution — using bangles as collateral; and classical and pop music icon Shubha Mudgal fills us in on the guru-dom phenom. Tune in for some enlightenment.

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