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Chernobyl 25th & Syrian democracy

Thu, March 31, 2011

Here’s a quick round-up of some diva-related media:

The democracy movement is going off in Syria and you might want to check out Holly’s new Syria program - just released from Globe Trekker.

Check out the unstoppable Kiran Bedi, featured in Adventure Divas’ documentary ‘Holy Cow,’ in her recent TED Talk.

Babushkas of Chernobyl.  This month is the 25th anniversary of the world’s worst nuclear accident (and let’s hope Chernobyl keeps that title).  Check newsstands for MORE magazine’s ‘A Country of Women’ about the old ladies who refused to leave their contaminated homeland.  Also, Globe Trekker “Ukraine,” presented by Holly and featuring some of the babushkas, is airing nationwide on PBS throughout April.

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Ukraine & Egypt

Sun, February 06, 2011

Check out this thought- provoking story in the Kansas City Star that compares Ukraine’s Orange revolution to what’s going on in Egypt.  Adventure Divas spent a chunk of time this fall and winter
traveling Ukraine and becoming obsessed with the “resettlers” of Chernobyl who - in defiance of all officialdom and logic - live in Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone, a 19 square mile highly contaminated area evacuated and cordoned off after the accident at the nuclear plant 25 years ago.  We’ll be posting material from the latest trip asap.  And have a look at next month’s MORE magazine and PBS’s Globe Trekker for Holly Morris’s full report....

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Syria flexing its secularism

Fri, September 17, 2010

In an interesting move, Syria is cracking down on its religious conservatives to stem threats from radicals.  The government is vetting the imams’ sermons, and has transferred 1000 teachers
who wear the face veil to administrative duty.  But hey, it’s still legal for men to marry 13 year-old-girls - so things aren’t changing that fast.

For lighter Syrian fare, take a look behind the scenes in on Holly’s recent shoot for Globe Trekker; airing on PBS now.

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Kiran Bedi, India’s top cop….

Mon, April 05, 2010

Top Indian cop Kiran Bedi, who we featured in our documentary “India: Holy Cow" a few years ago, just won the 2010 EPIC Award which will be presented by Meryl Streep this week.  Bedi will be in NYC to accept the award, and to attend a screening of “Yes, Madam Sir” - a new documentary (a decade in the making) about her extraordinary, rabble-rousing life as India’s best-known and highest ranking police diva.  Check out part of our interview with Bedi here. 

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International Women’s Day, #101

Mon, March 08, 2010

Happy International Women’s Day, one and all. We love the holiday-as-call-to-action idea.  To that end, first have a looksy at
at a history of IWD on this, its 101st anniversary, and also find a listing of today’s events.
....then, if you’re not able to take to the streets or limbo for liberation (or even if you are) consider digging deep
for women around the world who could really use support right now. 
The ever-important Global Fund for Women’s new video will inform you in terms of action overseas, and we’re big fans of Madre, who have their hands full with recent earthquake relief.

- diva hq

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