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Apne Aap carries on

Mon, December 12, 2011

Today a quick shout out the indomitable Ruchira Gupta and Apne Aaap who have been working to end sex trafficking for more than a decade.  When we interviewed Ruchira for Adventure
Divas- India she said :“What we want to do is actually eradicate sex trafficking and the exploitation inside prostitution...The good news is that the women are willing to fight. Six years ago, when I came into this brothel, they were so timid and they were so scared, they were not willing to even talk to each other. They did not let outsiders in, and today, six years later, you can see the laughter and the joy that they have.”
In honor of their first decade we’re highlighting an excerpt from that doc.

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Occupy for integrity

Tue, November 01, 2011

Kiran Bedi, the rabble rousing Indian top cop and anti-corruption guru who we featured in Adventure Divas: India, makes the opinion pages of yesterday’s New York TimesCheck out her comments on the Occupy movement and learn about her role with team Anna Hazare.
“We’re not anti-capitalism,” she says in the article, “we’re pro-integrity.”

And you better believe it.  After all, Bedi’s first notable act as India’s first female cop was to tow the prime minister’s car (hey, we was illegally parked).  Then she went on to
reform India’s notorious prison system- with meditation and other unlikely revolutionary tools.....

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Follow the feeds….

Mon, October 24, 2011

Many of the women featured in our doc series are too deep in the trenches to Tweet, others are living in Arab Spring-ish countries and Tweeting under pseudonyms, and still others embrace the tech under their real names.  Here are some feeds to follow in order to keep up with the work and spirit of the divas. 


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Bangladesh, Bangladesh

Thu, May 26, 2011

"Bangladesh, Bangladesh, where so many people are dying fast, and it sure looks like a mess, I’ve never seen such distress,’’ crooned George Harrison in 1971, but forty years later there’s a different story to be told. The story features Dhallywood, 10 million environmental refugees and otherworldly rickshaw artists. As soon as I manage to peel apart my notes (currently fused together with sweat and humidity), I’ll post a fuller report. Meanwhile, feel free to check out the photos posted by Globe Trekker.

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Hanna Zavorotnya: Chernobyl babushka

Mon, April 11, 2011

Hanna, 78, who lives in Chernobyl’s exclusion zone, is featured in this month’s MORE magazine. Our friend on the ground, Sergei Ivanchuk, dropped by to show her the story. “The main thing is that we have pig fat and vodka,” Hanna told me when I was there in December.  A single photo could hardly embody more culture clash…

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