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Wed, November 29, 2006

A number of the divas we’ve worked with over time fight human trafficking issues. Whether it’s impoverished workers being duped into going into “better” jobs in other countries, only to be trapped in bondage, or, Himalayan villages emptied of girls who’ve been trafficked into red light districts worldwide - the scourge of trafficking is huge and the problem is increasingly institutionalized.  Stats show over a million women and children are trafficked annually.

One of our favorite divas fighting the good fight is Ruchira Gupta, who founded the resource organization Apne Aap for women of the red light districts of India. She’s featured in our documentary “Holy Cow.” For all you New Yorkers - heads up. She’s in the U.S. (via Mumbai and Tehran) to speak on a panel at NYU this Thursday, November 30, along with NYT Nicholas Kristof and activist/actor Julia Ormond.
Here are event details.

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Hello Holly,
I’m half way through the Adventure Divas book, and I absolutely love it.  I was particularly struck by the “Holy Cow” chapter on so many levels.  India’s spirituality and connection to the universe seems so ironic in the context of how human beings mistreat and abuse each other by social standing or gender. 
A teacher of high school English, my greatest challenge each year is guiding teenagers to see the world outside of themselves and recognize the great fortunes that they have in life.  I’m excited that I have recently been accepted to attend a volunteer program, and I will be spending my summer teaching in Namibia.  Any chance that you’ll be leading a diva tour there between June and August? 
Best regards,
Kacy Soderquist

by Kacy Soderquist on Wed, January 17, 2007 at 5:54 pm PDT

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