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Sun, February 17, 2008

As pre-production for Science Divas gathers steam, we here at Divas HQ have been boning up on our Science & Tech reading in our free time. Here’s a round up of what’s topping our reading list this week.

Lack of confidence or an accurate perception of the situation?:
Great article over at the AAAS’s Science site on Nurturing Women Scientists delves into why women are still largely absent in the upper echelons of academic employment despite achieving parity in the lower rungs of education and training.

Geek Girls Kick Ass:
Many of the essays in She’s Such a Geek: Women Write About Science, Technology & Other Nerdy Stuff (put out in 2006 by our friends at Seal Press) echo the findings discussed in the Science article. I recommend this anthology to anyone –female or male, techie geek or hopeless luddite- for true tales from women currently working on the front lines of the scientific frontier who daily navigate the gender gap while attempting to maintain the elusive work-life balance.

For women who want to write about science, technology, and other nerdy stuff:
While perusing the Science and Technology section of this week’s Economist I came across a posting for a cool summer internship in London, the
Richard Casement Internship, an interesting opportunity for budding science & tech reporters.  Applicants must be 25 and under and the application deadline is February 22, so if you know any young aspiring diva journalistas (or are one yourself) tell them to apply post-haste.

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