Reporting back from Syria

Thu, June 25, 2009

Turns out, the soap maker in Aleppo, Syria was a bit of a sage. Just a few weeks ago, as he handed me a delectable serving of shay’eebiyyat, he said, “Obama will come here soon. He is going to reach out.” Today, Obama decided to send an ambassador to Syria, a “sign of the deepening engagement between the Obama administration and the Syrian government,” says the New York Times.

Clearly Syria is a strategic hotspot in the Middle East. The evening news and the marketers of the Axis of Evil (as well as the State Department which has an ongoing travel warning for the country) might have you think Syria is a place lousy with Muslim extremists.

I found it only lousy with kindness and hospitality.

Let’s hope the new (as yet unnamed) Ambassador to Syria will get out of the residence and learn a lot from tossing back shots of Bedouin coffee with local farmers, gossiping with the ladies in a Damascus hamam, or watching the sun set behind a medieval Crusader Castle with a picnicking Syrian family. I certainly did.  Person-to-person contact is a great way to combat the inflammations between the U. S. and the Middle East.  So, for your next far-flung sojourn, why not go to Syria?  It’s time for an army of ambassadors!

(You’ll need a visa so check out

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Hello! Another writer gave me this web link thinking I may get some feedback. I’m a student and I’m doing a presentation on Syrian culture, education, and nutrition in December. The problem...I really know nothing about Syria other than where it is located on the map, what its population is, what its flag looks like, some political history, etc. I don’t know about specific cultural beliefs, traditions, education, or nutrition. I would like to present accurate information in a unique, creative and highly informative way.  If you can help or link me to someone who can I would be extremely greatful! I would love to communicate via e-mail with someone who is from Syria as to get some information first hand.

by student in need of help on Thu, November 12, 2009 at 10:08 pm PDT

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