Holly in Old Sheila
Michael Gross

Woke and tore down to Smiley’s to rent Old Sheila, the vintage Valiant — an orange beast with no tail or brake lights. We hitched her up to the caravan: our new home away from home.

Drove three or so hours to Rotorua and played pool, had my first pie (in reality, chicken pot pie), and prowled around in a fancy old hotel with many gray panthers. Tried to film touristy geysers and Maori kitsch (Maori macrobiotic cafe) but got bored and had to leave.


Three more hours on the road and we’re in Hastings, home of the lovely Hinewehi Mohi and her equally lovely family. Hine Mohi is a delightful bad ass girl. I was afraid she might be too serious and sincere but it all got busted loose by her crazy nanny and our drive to the beach in the Valiant. They were a hooty duo. Her daughter has cerebral palsy and she clearly is a source of spiritual strength, as is the rest of her family.

It’s all about family in the Maori culture. Great great grannies with Moko [tattoos] adorn the walls, grandpas look down with their WW2 gear…

We were welcomed at the marae, and [producer] Simon had to give our speech because women are not allowed to talk.

Went back to Nanny’s and got lots on all the Mohi ancestors. We traded t-shirts and I got so sad missing my grandmother, who she reminded me of so much.

Still haven’t been able to reach Keri Hulme and I’m getting a bit panicky, as she has been built as the climax of the show. Punting would be a gruesome affair. A bit o’ Inidan food and finally collapsing into bed before a fly fishing gig in the morning. 

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by Holly

our web editrix extracted my personal journal from me upon returning from the shoots. so herewith, are the ramblings of an often very tired whiney git. unfortunately she took out all the sexual exploits and most of the minor felonies.

Editor’s note: The missing excerpts from this journal by Divas’ director & creative heavy Holly Morris are available for a modest fee.

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