Land Girls with Holly
Michael Gross

Zooming along NZ’s south island coast, jacked on coffee and crayfish and chips.

We left Wellington on the ferry this morning and were accosted by a bunch of blokes who wouldn’t let us take equipment on the boat. We finally worked it out, and made it to the S. Island and hoofed it south towards Christchurch.

At one point, the caravan just pulled over and we thought it was a flat, but really Liza and Simon just pulled over for a star moment. Indeed, the sky was thick with the fog of the Milky Way across a staggering southern sky. A chunky giant orange ember star zoomed across the sky and Liza staggered. A New Yorker girl. I thought about how many wonderful skies I’ve slept under in the last few years, and how shockingly few I remember due to my awful memory. I have to believe that I have some shrouded memory pack lurking underneath.


Met sweet land girls. They served up some homemade teacakes and regaled us with tales from WWII, when the blokes were off fighting and they were running the farms.

Then ate grease for dinner and back at the hotel. Whatever.


Arrived in Hokatiki after five-hour motorcycle ride. Pretty, pretty for the first time, really. Nice golden light and no rain and for that, we should be thankful.

Said ta-ta to Old Sheila today.

Tomorow: Keri Hulme.

Destinations: New Zealand

South Island

Milky Way and Teacakes

by Holly

our web editrix extracted my personal journal from me upon returning from the shoots. so herewith, are the ramblings of an often very tired whiney git. unfortunately she took out all the sexual exploits and most of the minor felonies.

Editor’s note: The missing excerpts from this journal by Divas’ director & creative heavy Holly Morris are available for a modest fee.

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