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Adventure Divas

"[Adventure Divas] is not just about travel, although it’s as adventurous as can be. More than that, it’s Morris’ account of leaving her deskbound publishing job and joining her broadcaster mother to form Adventure Divas to track down “unsung visionaries,” women who changed the world in Cuba, India, New, Zealand, and Iran… Morris’ interviews… are thoughtful and probing, revealing the differences between their lives and those of American women. Her text adds context — and humor — to the project, warts and all… A good bet for feminists, fans of the PBS shows, adventure travelers, and anyone who wants a good read."Booklist


“We were working at Ms. magazine in 1996 when a xeroxed pamphlet arrived at the office bearing the name Bitch. We opened the zine and found what we’d been fearing didn’t exist: feminist writing that was funny, engaged with pop culture, and yet intellectually rigorous. Eureka! BITCHfest is the greatest hits, and reading them is like hanging out with the smartest people you know.”—Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards, co-authors of Manifesta

Counting for Nothing: What Men Value and What Women are Worth

This feminist classic by Diva Marilyn Waring points out the shortcomings of ignoring women’s unpaid work in economic tallies. Originally titled If Women Counted, Waring later produced a documentary on the same topic, Counting for Nothing. The second edition of the book contains a preface by Gloria Steinem.

Rage Against the Veil

Another rec from Inga la Gringa… a telling of the tragic life of Dr. Homa Darabi by her sister, Parvin Darabi.

Stoning of Soraya M

Our columnist Inga la Gringa recommends this journalistic account of the life and death of an Iranian woman, Soraya, who was killed by stoning as persecution for her alleged marital infidelity. The Islamic regime of the Ayatollah Khomeini is depicted as a breeding ground for fundamentalist vigilantism reminiscent of the witch hysteria of early Salem, Massachusetts. 

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