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Flaming Iguanas

Ms. Lopez is the author of several madcapped graphic novels and inspired comic strips. After reading her work you are both dying to meet the woman behind the pen, and terribly frightened at the prospect of such a meeting. Check in at for her latest antics. Last we heard she was torturing a perky pony-tailed publicist from her now-former publisher.

The Bad Girls’ Guide to the Open Road

Don’t even think about taking a road trip without this. A hilarious, in-your-face travelog/self-help book (glove compartment size with nifty hot pink cover) that’s sure to get adventure-seeking gals everywhere in their cars. Packed with practical and not-so-practical information on where to go (the Elvis Is Alive Museum), which Road Sisters to bring along (ones with trust funds are good), essential tunes and tips such as 14 ways to open a beer bottle on your car and 11 uses for a condom.

Vinnie’s Giant Roller Coaster Period Chart & Journal Sticker Book

We’ve been fans of Vinnie’s tampon cases for years, but he’s truly won our hearts with his Giant Roller Coaster Period Chart & Journal Sticker Book, which comes with a stylin’ vinyl tampon case. This book will actually make you excited for the onset of your period every month, and you’ll even be looking forward to your next annual exam when you can whip out your Gyno Crib Notes and show your doc how faithfully you’ve been keeping track of your flow! Use the cool stickers to chart your cycle, cramps and cravings, and flip to the back of the book for recipes, exercizes, and fun stuff that will make PMS feel like an amusement park.

Persian Mirrors

New York Times reporter Elaine Sciolino delves into the complexities and contradictions of Iran, unpacking myriad myths about Iranian women, Islamic law, and Persian culture. This book is an excellent background on the country and a suggested follow-up read for anyone who liked Adventure Divas’ Iran: Behind Closed Cha-dors.

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