What is RSS?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndiation,” which means, simply, a technology that allows web content to be easily distributed to other sites on the internet and programs called “newsreaders.” There is a wide variety of newsreader programs available, many free, that will aggregate RSS news “feeds” and deliver them to a web-based newsreader, some email programs, and handheld devices.

Why Should I Care?

If you’re an Adventure Diva on the go and suffer from the common problem of information overload, then RSS can help. If you like to keep up with several websites regularly, RSS can help you stay on top of what’s new at each site, without having to visit them individually. For example, if you like to get your cultural news and world events from The New York Times, financial and business reports from The Wall Street Journal, and also look to The Times of India to see what’s affecting your sister in New Delhi, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds for your favorite sections of each site, and have the latest headlines collected in your newsreader program.

How Do I Get A Newsreader?

There are dozens of newsreaders out there, catering to different preferences. A good place to learn more is the Wikipedia entry for news “aggregator" (a.k.a. newsreader or feedreader).

I’ve Got A Newsreader. Now What?

Click on the RSS 2.0 feed icon, copy the URL (web address) from your browser (i.e. http://www.adventuredivas.com/divawire/rss_2.0), paste it into your newsreader et voila! Congratulations on being a tech savvy diva.

I’m Clueless About Computers. Help Me!

Don’t Panic. It is not necessary to subscribe to the RSS feed to read content from Adventure Divas. If you’re determined to get our RSS feed, however, and are running into problems, contact the support for your newsreader program, or drop us a line and we’ll attempt to help, but please understand we cannot provide official support for 3rd party programs.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Syndication*

(*But Were Afraid to Ask)

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