Subject: For Holly Morris

Very rarely do I stumble across some hidden corner of the world that I was not at least dimly aware of. Too often are we concerned with the engineering feats, the stale paintings in museums, the strange and interesting cuisine when learning about other places. A place is made by the people, and I’ve rarely seen a better expression of that sentiment than in what I saw of ‘Adventure Divas’. On top of that, Holly Morris is fascinating. She’s real, she’s open, she’s strong, and she’s thoroughly feminine without feigning stupidity or weakness. Holly shows that you don’t have to do anything other than be yourself to display your strength.

Sender: Jeremy
Subject: Thanks, Divas!

Thank you for reminding us that Divas really are all around us — I can’t wait for the next installment!

Sender: Maryann
Subject: Adventure Divas

Great show. Keep them coming!!! 

Sender: Georgia
Subject: Thank you!

Absolutely the finest armchair tour I’ve ever had the pleasure to see! You deserve enormous credit for dealing with a political minefield without preaching or prevaricating. The women you featured were inspirational! I’m ready to buy Instinto’s first CD too — what a great way to open the show! And your push-up tribute to Che was inspired — loved your flip attitude toward “el Guapo” ( I’m so sick of everyone here in Berkeley, CA, who fetishizes the ‘Leninist macho.’ ) Just a fantastic show, KUDOS to all involved!

Sender: Greg
Subject: PBS Fanmail

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful show. It was refreshingly different, honest and humorous — a great recipe for life too! I can’t wait till the next adventure.

Sender: Deborah
Subject: Cuba: Paradox Found

Just wanted to say I enjoyed your show so much I am looking for the next time it airs so that I can tape it. I am 46 yrs. old with a marvelous daughter who is 18 in college who is interested in many things and also anthropology, and I think the modern expression of the beauty and variety of culture in Cuba was excellent. Great job.

Sender: Ann
Subject: Diva Mamas Unite!

Love it, love it, love it!!! Can’t wait to see more! I’m a single mother who does not get out much but just did through your program! Thanks for the trip away, wish it was longer!! Also, curious to know, does divadom include any struggling, devoted and passionate mothers? Thanks again!

Sender: Monica
Subject: Cuba Show

I am Cuban American and my parents came from Cuba as teenagers in the 60’s. I have to be honest and say that I was skeptical about how you would present the situation in Cuba and feared that it would present a biased view. I congratulate you on producing an even-handed view of the situation there. The women you were able to interview were wonderful. The female rappers were very cool, too! I took an Afro-Cuban dance class at UCLA from an instructor who recently came from Cuba. I was very excited to see that a film she had shown us about Orishas was made by one of the women you had interviewed! Thank you and good luck with your future projects!

Sender: Alina
Subject: Onward!

I stumbled upon the show on Channel 11 (WBBM-TV) in Chicago and love it! I think women have been waiting for it for years! So many shows are male-oriented and we never find out about the people behind the cultures (especially women!). Holly is an inspiration! I’ve struggled with moving from Chicago for my whole life even though I’ve traveled. After watching the show, I’ve decided its time to move “onward!” Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Sender: Leah
Subject: Thanks

I have traveled extensively, starting out 31 years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer. Your film brought back much of that joy. Makes me want to get on the road again. I am looking forward to seeing more of your adventures. Lots of divas in Thailand. If that is an interest of yours let me know and I might be able to hook you up.

Sender: Hugh
Subject: Inspired Housewife

I watched your film on Cuba last night and I have to say that as a (slightly) overweight, bored, “feel-pretty-useless-lately” housewife and mother I suddenly became inspired to actually do something with my life!!! . . . now I’m contemplating either buying a camera to make my own (dreamed of doing this for a long time, but thought I was too poor) short documentary and/or shaving my legs every other day, instead of every three days . . . these are both good, I know, but I think I’ll pick one. Thank you for inspiring me.

Sender: Leanne
Subject: from Miami

Hi Holly and Jeannie, I was a little hesitant of writing. It was a definite feminist twist at the web site, and I, a Cuban male arrived to Miami from the island a couple years ago, well, you know, machismo… Anyway, I would like to give you a big thumb up for Cuba! Paradox Found. Is an excellent work, and the one I’ve seen that better captures the first “foreigner” vision of that complex society. Best wishes and good luck in future adventures.

Sender: Shelby
Subject: Attn: Holly Morris

I stumbled upon Diva Adventures last night before going to sleep. I was instantly captivated! I had never heard of Holly Morris, but now seem to have an uncontrollable thirst to see and read more of her work! Renaming fear as potential is a lesson that I would like to teach my daughters and sons. This documentary was the best I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t wait ‘til the next one. Is there an online newsletter available to help track the progress of Holly’s documentary/work? I would hate to loose this link to divadom!

Sender: Susan
Subject: Great Show

Just wanted to say that I loved watching your adventure in Cuba. It is much more entertaining and informative than those “glossy” travel programs, which don’t give you a feel of what it’s really like to be there. Can’t wait to see your next one!

Sender: Tom
Subject: Cuba: Paradox Found

Just wanted to say that I caught your show last night on Cuba and I’m hooked. Truly inspiring and fun to watch and learn.

Sender: Jen
Subject: To the Adventure Divas

I have fallen in love with Adventure Divas. This show found me last Sunday on my local PBS station. Now, I want more! I wish there were more programs like this. As a video producer, I was captivated by the beautiful camera work and personal approach. As a woman, I am inspired! Keep up the grand work. I am cheering for you here in Greensboro, NC.

Sender: Amy
Subject: Excellent

We could all use a little more fire in our bellies. Beautiful, production, editing, and concept. Congratulations all, and a special shout-out to the camerapeople.

Sender: Max
Subject: Inspiring!

Wow! I watched your show last night and loved it! Not only because I was born in Cuba but because I think you did such a wonderful job of capturing the beauty and the spirit of the divas and country. Thanks again for creating programs like this and sharing them with divas and diva-wanna-be’s.

Sender: Nidia
Subject: Kudos

Thank you for a captivating show, allowing us to glimpse the reality of women around the world.

Sender: Ian
Subject: India: holy cow!

I was flipping channels today and I saw your feature on India. Being an Indian myself, I enjoyed the feature very much. You did a beautiful job! Thank you so much!

Sender: Dipali


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