"A delightful triangulation of adventure travel, telecommuting and self-reinvention… [Morris] can be hilarious.”

The New York Times Book Review (*selected as a New York Times "Editors' Choice," 2005)

"Seattle resident Holly Morris hosts this confident, quirky, beautifully filmed and crafted PBS special… Unlike so many other travel shows, this one actively seeks out places and people you won’t find in guidebooks, and leaves you with vivid images and ideas and rich sense of place.”

Chicago Sun Times

"AdventureDivas.com is cooler than a margarita in August… [Paradox Found] is fun, entertaining and illuminating.”

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Only a few women warriors have successfully stormed prime time. There’s Xena. And the Femme Nikita. Now travel temptress Holly Morris is giving it a try. A natural TV persona, Morris is. The lens loves her intimate, chatty nonchalance.”

Orange County Register

"While they’ve found plenty of attitude, there’s nary a tiara in sight.”

Dallas Morning News

"As the show demonstrates, the power and change that comes from visualizing and believing in the possibility of one’s dreams can often have a greater impact than anticipated. Who knows? Soon the four major television networks might have to make room for a new girl-powered media empire — watch out Ted Turner — the Adventure Divas are coming.”


”...a rich documentary”

Christian Science Monitor

”...chaos couldn’t be more delightful”


”...a winning tour guide”

Los Angeles Daily News

” …ground zero for the future of travel television”

"Hot Sites: New & Notable”

USA Today

"…making new feminine heroes”

"The Holly Chronicles...”

"Writing with compassion, humor, and activism, Morris empowers women to follow their dreams by showing that determined women can indeed effect change in their lives. Highly recommended.”

Library Journal


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