Jeannie Morris

Jeannie Morris, Adventure Divas’ co-executive producer and co-founder, is an author, television writer, producer and for many years, CBS sports reporter.

Jeannie has been honored 11 times with Emmys for sports productions, and has also received Emmys for sports news reporting. She won an Emmy for children’s programming for a television adaptation of her book, Adventures in the Blue Beast, the story of her family’s one-year camping trip in Europe and the Soviet Union.

She began as a columnist for the Chicago Daily News and has written many articles as well as Brian Piccolo: A Short Season, the best-selling biography that later became the film Brian’s Song.

Jeannie’s independent television work has included “The Science of Sports” with Bill Kurtis and featuring Michael Jordan (PBS), “Science Held Hostage: RU486 and the Politics of Abortion” with Cybill Shepherd (TBS), “Expedition Inspiration,” the story of 17 women, all breast cancer survivors, who climbed Argentina’s 23,000-foot Mt. Aconcagua (PBS) and “The Search for Shangrila,” a documentary set in the Himalayas, for The New Explorers (PBS).

She lives in Seattle, Washington, and Sundance, Utah.

Coordinates: Seattle, Washington, United States


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