Adventure Divas ® is a broad enterprise that unites adventure travel and modern-day heroines to create fresh new media for television, the web, and print.  On our up days we call ourselves a girl-driven media empire. On our down days… well, we just drink more coffee.

The PBS television series captures the humor, debacle and discovery inherent in low-rent travel and explores cultures with divavision — that is, through the lens of the independent women whose vision, individualism and actions will rule the future.

The web site is a home for like-mindeds to join our exploration, as well as to connect and exchange information — whether it’s a recipe for Kiwi tea cakes or the ingredients for accessing the diva within. There are also strategies for planning your own pilgrimage, profiles and essays, and avant-garde travel advice.

Though the web may be virtual, Divadom ® is real and universal. Divas come in all colors, shapes and sizes — slender, regular, super & super-plus — and we’re pretty much everywhere. That’s the Empire part.

The publication of the book Adventure Divas: Searching the Globe for a New Kind of Heroine, the release of our PBS documentary series on DVD, the launch of Divawire (blog), and Science Divas are some of our recent efforts to ignite the world-wide fires of divadom….

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